A poor ending to a great start.. Will It Snow For Christmas Ends

Yes, it did snow for Christmas. In fact it was the worst snow storm the eastern Asian region have seen for the past 33 years (including China, Korea), which has to be somewhat monumental. However the show asking this question has miserably failed to have a consistent and proper ending to the series.

The show gained much traction due to the presence of both Go Soo (Ko Soo) and Han Ye Seul, which I believe were the two foundations that sustained viewership until the end. The weak plot line and confusing character development were too annoying to be interesting. I personally switched to other shows about the episode 12 mark, but still kept an eye on the series. This is disappointing considering the excellent start to the series, with solid background stories established and a relatively rapidly paced storyline.

The PD wanted to leave viewers with the “… and YOU imagine what happens next!”… which is completely unoriginal and I believe the actors deserve better. Oh well, I will still look forward to any future projects for both leads, but am definitely adding this PD to my blacklist.


Will It Snow For Christmas – Episode 6 [Summary]

Phew, so many WISFC updates today! I thought I might try a running summary while watching the show, for those who can’t wait to get spoilers for this excellent show! Post is now complete – I’ve just realised my blog is turning into a WISFC blog :O Will update other content when I have time later~ Please anticipate πŸ™‚


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Will It Snow For Christmas – Episode 4 [Completed]

The blog is now being re-activated, finally after a long hiatus! We will start off with korean drama recaps, which will be updated regularly. I’m still new a t drama recaps, so please forgive any mistakes and I’ll strive my best and welcome any comments for improvement or random sharing of drama-y love.

The Current K-dramas I’m following: Smile, You/Will It Snow For Christmas/Hero/Wife Returns/Love You Ten Million Times – some of these are seriously underrated, but seriously good!

Since Smile, You is wonderfully recapped by the team at Dramabeans.com, I will focus on the other series, the regular series to be recapped are: Will It Snow For Christmas/Love You Ten Million Times, unless there areΒ  other requests. In addition, screen caps are much needed for the reviews, but I’ll do with whatever I can get for the benefit of all readers. All credit to Soompi and DCinside users for some images used in the following recap.

Now without further ado, we begin the recap at episode 4 of WISFC, where the juicy action is about to unfold:

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