Chuno Leads the Pack

The new series “Chuno” starring Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji Ho is dominating the ratings on the Wednesday-Thursday night slots, with a rating of 24.8% for its second episode aired on January 7th. The competitors “Will it snow for Christmas” and “Hero” only earned 12.7% and 5% respectively on the same air date. The series was shot in many scenic locations including Jeju island, which added to the visual appeal of viewers.


Happy 2010 everyone! The blog is back in swing and will be diligently updating whenever we have time to spare!

I’ve watched the first two episodes of this series and thought the acting and visual brilliance were stunning – however I will probably will not be following the series closely as I’m not that into historical/action dramas. But I may occasionally take a peek just for the sake of the ultimate combination of Jang Hyuk/Oh Ji Ho/Lee Da Hae, who I respect highly as actors.

Otherwise, it seems Chuno has partially replaced the hole left by the ratings monster IRIS, but WISFC is still doing quite well in comparison to Hero, which stayed at a consistent 5% since first airing.

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