A poor ending to a great start.. Will It Snow For Christmas Ends

Yes, it did snow for Christmas. In fact it was the worst snow storm the eastern Asian region have seen for the past 33 years (including China, Korea), which has to be somewhat monumental. However the show asking this question has miserably failed to have a consistent and proper ending to the series.

The show gained much traction due to the presence of both Go Soo (Ko Soo) and Han Ye Seul, which I believe were the two foundations that sustained viewership until the end. The weak plot line and confusing character development were too annoying to be interesting. I personally switched to other shows about the episode 12 mark, but still kept an eye on the series. This is disappointing considering the excellent start to the series, with solid background stories established and a relatively rapidly paced storyline.

The PD wanted to leave viewers with the “… and YOU imagine what happens next!”… which is completely unoriginal and I believe the actors deserve better. Oh well, I will still look forward to any future projects for both leads, but am definitely adding this PD to my blacklist.


Chuno Leads the Pack

The new series “Chuno” starring Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji Ho is dominating the ratings on the Wednesday-Thursday night slots, with a rating of 24.8% for its second episode aired on January 7th. The competitors “Will it snow for Christmas” Continue reading