Will It Snow For Christmas – Episode 7 Preview

With Translations/Subs πŸ™‚ Thanks to mandalaywith2 @ youtube for the HD preview below:

To view, click after the jump:

Ji Wan: (To Tae Jun) Thank you for (returning) the pendant.

Tae Jun: You look alive again now that you’re smiling.

Employee: Cha Team Leader came yesterday to look at the CCTV tape.

Woo Jung: Are you going to hide it this once?

Kang Jin: Did Park Team Leader put you up to this? [I think they may be extracted from different scenes, thus the irregular conversation]

KJ’s Mum: You’ve already stood outside my shop for the fourth day, does your wife know about this?

JW’s Dad: Let’s go on a date.

KJ’s Mum: What kind of opportunity is this? I definitely can’t ignore it.

Kang Jin: You didn’t change a bit. You still look as ugly as before.

Ji Wan: So if I look ugly, do you think you’re so great? Do you think you’re very handsome?

Woo Jung: (To KJ) Is there anything you want to say? Why are you making a fuss when it’s your fault for mishandling the matter!

JW: (Calling her dad) The name you just said is..

JW’s Dad: Han Jun Soo. Sorry, miss.

JW: (to her self) I’m not a β€˜lady (agasshi)’, I’m dad’s daughter, Ji Wan.

My brother, how can he die like that?

How did I meet my Kang Jin oppa again?

How can I return to San Cheon (her home town)?


Finally a potential revelation!

Just a small notice that I will be going on holidays soon, but will try myself to update the blog. But otherwise, have a very Merry Christmas and a joyful New Year! πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Will It Snow For Christmas – Episode 7 Preview

  1. Thanks for the translation, can’t wait to see the next ep.
    Wish you have a wonderful Christmas, and waiting for your update…^_^

  2. i AM SOOOOOOO HAppy I found this website! you are feeding into my drama addiction^_^ Thank you for your hard work you’ve put into this website. I will be comming back for some more soon. Have a great hoilday season and can’t wait til you return!

  3. Ah I cant believe it its tomorrow πŸ˜€
    I cant wait to see it. I saw some spoilers and it seems really interesting. I hope the rating goes up for this drama, because it is great.
    =D Thank you for uploading and translating .

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