IRIS Ends… with a whimper?

IRIS Episode 20 Finale [Season 1]

Stuck in my Head: The Next Dawn (下一个天亮) – Guo Jing (郭静)

Download (Megaupload): The Next Dawn – Guo Jing

Picture Perfect?

The internet is now abuzz with fan’s responses to the finale of the immensely popular TV series, IRIS. The show managed to break the 37% ratings target, and was wrapped with controversy, especially regarding the main lead Lee Byung Heon. I have to say that I was not too shocked when I saw the ending, as the producers are aiming for a lead into IRIS – Season 2.

Warning: Major Ending SPOILERS ahead. Enter at your own peril.

So close, yet so far away...

… Yes, that is the final scene of the show, with Hyun Jun bloodied at the wheel of his car, looking out at the watch tower where Seung Hee (Kim Tae Hee) is waiting for his marriage proposal. I was just annoyed at the use of this twist, which will for sure keep people talking and hoping for season 2. I thought it was pretty lame to end on flashbacks of their times together… which is sweet, but nevertheless somewhat unsuitable for the atmosphere of this series.

Netizens are outraged at the ending, which was indeed confusing HJ drives along the road to the watchtower when suddenly he swirves to reveal that he has been shot, most probably in the skull.
So the questions floor in:

  • Is Hyun Jun really dead?
  • Who shot him?
  • Will Seung Hee take the ring anyways? (lol purely selfish question)

Anyways, the ending of IRIS the other shows in the Wed/Thurs timeslot will finally gain their influx of audiences. I’ll be interested to see how ratings improve for both “Will It Snow For Christmas” and “Hero”, which are not performing at their peak I have to say.

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

— T.S. Eliot, “The Hollow Men”, Final Stanza

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