Will It Snow For Christmas – Episode 6 [Summary]

Phew, so many WISFC updates today! I thought I might try a running summary while watching the show, for those who can’t wait to get spoilers for this excellent show! Post is now complete – I’ve just realised my blog is turning into a WISFC blog :O Will update other content when I have time later~ Please anticipate 🙂


Kang Jin painfully remembers losing/attempting to find his pendant 8 years ago to no avail. He yells “Give back my pendant!” beside the river and sees Ji Wan.

He asks questions about the flyer – why is this here, how did Ji Wan end up with his pendant?

Ji Wan goes to the market to shop, and kisses the persimmons (cute!)

Tae Jun visit’s JW’s room and is immediately jealous of KJ’s DIY improvements.

He notices that his gift box is untouched and remembers when he drank with Ji Wan a while ago (before she met KJ again) on their conversation.

Regarding her brother:

JW – My brother is a genius, seriously.

TJ – Where is he now?

JW – He’s dead, because of me. All because of me, such a great person jumped into the water and never came back out. All because of me…

Regarding the pendant: He offered to buy her a new necklace and to throw the old pendant away. JW replies that she needs to return the pendant to its owner when she meets him again.

She is drunk and falls asleep

Tae Jun wants to help Ji Wan with her shopping – she says no thanks, and returns home without opening his giftbox

Woo Jung calls both TJ and KJ to her office, saying that tomorrow is important as her dad is arriving to examining projects. She asks if KJ is free to escort her as her boyfriend, which annoys TJ. She says they should manage each of their own lives separately.

TJ tells KJ to stay away from Ji Wan, their convo is ridiculously kindergarden like:

KJ: No Way

TJ: What?

KJ: I said No.

Parents’ side: JW mum tells KJ mum to leave and never return in order for her to provide an alibi for Pusan. But JW mum wants to stay beside her first love.

JW’s professor kicks her out of the lecture room due to her yelling into her phone during the lecture. (He is really tolerant to her antics overall since she isn’t expelled, I have to say)

JW goes to the bus stop and sees KJ’s ‘new and improved’ set of posters with engineering drawings (prob CAD I say) and is shocked

JW goes to the company to find KJ regarding the poster (I think the listed number is now KJ’s number – didn’t see that clearly but how else would she know he posted them), but has to endure WJ’s snare comments about her and TJ while she waits. TJ misses her as she leaves.

KJ finds JW after his meeting and asks about his pendant: how did it end up with her when he saw it dropped into the lake with his own eyes? explain to me please.

JW says there are many identical things in the world, her friend gave this to her. (lol friend = KJ?)

JW goes home and tells her Oppa (family portrait) that the owner of the pendant is KJ. She looks down @ TJ’s giftbox and sees the pendants! She is overjoyed 🙂

Team competition between KJ and TJ – KJ is the more benevolent leader, but both work to their limits on their project presentation

KJ Team finds their files deleted just before the presentation, which means TJ is smugly confident. KJ is called many times to make his presentation but has to physically draw the construction concept using charcoal in realtime. This impresses Woo Jung and the other executives.

However, since TJ was better prepared, their proposal wins.

WJ looks into if someone intentionally sabotaged KJ’s files.

Video thanks to shirley/korewind @ youtube:

KJ drowns his sorrows with beer, and goes to the coffee shop to find Ji Wan. JW is going on her bus (to the med school) so he gets on the bus as well. He complains to her that he failed his presentation. He tells her that her parents would be very proud if they saw how hard she is working/studying now, compared to before.

This conversation was requested by the lovely Shirley, of their interaction on the bus (or mainly Kang Jin’s monologue):

Kang Jin: Your parents would be really happy right? They can’t even imagine that you would study and work so hard like this before, especially being truant during class time.

I really wanted to win the BITTY project, (drinks beer) I lost. I swore to myself that I would never lose, but with the current situation – what should I do? What more can I do? I really don’t know.

I can’t even go to sleep after I drink. I can’t fall sleep when I want to.

I thought I would never get the pendant back again, but the result is still like this. .. That icy cold water… Right, there’s no reason like that.

Why are you crying?

(Mumbles something)

KJ falls asleep –> on JW’s shoulder. JW returns the pendant! T_T KJ wakes up alone on the bus and discovers the pendant — stares at it intensely.

(Side note that even though he claims he can’t fall asleep, he manages to sleep soundly and peacefully on JW’s shoulder!)

Parents’ romance between JW Dad and KJ mum (may be a huge problem for the couple) and WJ further investigates CCTV footage, while TJ enjoys KTV with team. (Work Hard, Play Hard to the max)

Video thanks to shirley/korewind @ youtube:

KJ finds JW in front of her coffee shop:

Kang Jin: Ji Wan ah, Han Ji Wan. What are you? Who are you? What exactly are you doing, you brat? Who do you think you are, coming into my life? Do you want to die? What exactly are you? What are you?

He hugs her! They are both crying, as watched by an unseen Tae Jun (creepy…)

(brat is the closest word I think, otherwise literal translation is: bad girl?… sounds weird)

11 thoughts on “Will It Snow For Christmas – Episode 6 [Summary]

    • No worries 🙂
      I might create a separate post for the ep 7 preview, but anyways, she says (to herself):

      I’m not a ‘lady (agasshi)’, Dad, but Ji Wan.

      My brother, how can he die like that?
      How did I meet my Kang Jin oppa again?
      How can I return to San Cheon (her home town)?

  1. While I am waiting the subtitle, I read from soompi thread that leads to your post here. Thank you for the spot translations of the most touching scenes in Ep 6. Have a wonderful Christmas if not a white one!

    Looking forward to your post again next week.

  2. thanks for your respon to my request!! the bus scene is just so revealing of kang jin thoughts to ji wan . ^! the last scene .i think he never expected his pendant will be returned .like the father he thought lost , ji wan now also returned into his life! i am so excited to see how their christmas date will go! will it snow for christmas?!

    enjoy your holidays! you have been a great gal !keke

  3. Thanks yooruu.
    I truly enjoy and love your translation, seem like I were JW
    getting scold from KJ. really emotional scene that move me so much.

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  5. hello, im just curious why was the ending of the story like that… I mean not a happy ending.. why are they relatives or what?? brothers or sister???
    are they related by blood??? because the ending was just like that

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