Will It Snow For Christmas – Episode 6 Preview

Translation of the Episode 6 Preview!! 🙂

Am so glad Dramabeans has decided to recap the series! Hope she continues with the series – meanwhile, I’ll continue to write up the other shows’ episode summaries and provide translations/subbing/news!

Thanks to mandalaywith2 for the following clip on youtube:

Ji Wan: You think that I am worth nothing, right?

Tae Jun: Ji Wan..

JW: If you want to toy with me, please wait a while longer?

Woo Jung: (To Tae Jun) Have you started (your relationship) again with Han Ji Wan?

Tae Jun: (To Kang Jin) I’ll tell you again, don’t appear beside my Ji Wan anymore.

Kang Jin: No way.

TJ: What?

KJ: No way!

KJ’s Mum: What will it take for you to provide an alibi for Pusan?

JW’s Mum: Go away and disappear

TJ: (To JW) Why didn’t you give it back?

JW: I have to return this (pendant) when I meet that person again.

WJ: (To Kang Jin) Are you free this Sunday? They told me to bring my boyfriend along.

TJ: Why did you get close to Cha Team Leader?

WJ: I want to seduce him.

Employee: It’s all gone, Team Leader. The master plan for the presentation has all been wiped out!

KJ: Isn’t that my pendant? How could Ji Wan have it?

JW: You’re wrong – it’s mine.

KJ: Han Ji Wan! What are you? Who are you? What kind of a woman are you, you brat!

While JW and KJ’s relationship is definitely accelerating forward, Woo Jung appears to be a very large potential threat, especially with Kang Jin being such a nice guy to her. It seems that k-dramas are moving forward with the times, finally abandoning the ‘cheerful but useless’ main female lead and the ‘pretty, rich but useless’ second female lead for more intellectual types – Ji Wan with her traditional medicine training and Woo Jung with supporting herself through university in Japan.

However, the preview where JW (drunkenly?) talks about returning her pendant to KJ seems contradictory to what she is saying/doing.

I was slightly confused at the plot detail regarding this, but my understanding is that Ji Yong (JW’s brother) died from a heart attack/drowning because he was searching for Kang Jin’s pendant. But his and her searches were futile because the pendant was washed ashore by the tide already. Thus in someway, Ji Wan blames Kang Jin for her brother’s death.

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