Will It Snow For Christmas – Episode 5 Highlights [Sub/Translation]

Since Dramabeans.com seems to have started recapping the series (which I thoroughly enjoyed reading!), I will highlight the conversations that I found amusing/moving/curious during episode 5 for your enjoyment!

Closer to you.../Missing you...

Yes, the above scene was definitely a highlight for me, not to be outdone by this:

... Ko Soo, a sleeping hotness ... *end of fangirling*

Scene 1: The Reunion (of sorts)

We started the episode with the cliff-hanger confrontation from episode 4, with Kang Jin confronting Ji Wan on their real identities. Ji Wan brushes himself off  (of course), saying that she didn’t even think about him all these years and was surprised at how KJ is still as immature as before. So in a way, they have awkwardly acknowledged eachother. She stops as KJ’s face darkened from her words – only to be contradicted by his cheerful act, whereby he pulled over her hoodie and said –

Kang Jin: You should be more careful. It’s windy outside. Kang Ji Wan, it’s nice to meet you again.

… and our hearts just broke a bit for the guy. Similar to the ‘towel guy’ Shin Woo in “You Are Beautiful” (another excellent k-drama, highly recommended), Kang Jin seems like the top candidate for ‘Hoodie Guy’, lol. Except that this time his unrequited love may actually be realised.

Ji Wan walks off, dazed, while Kang Jin is overcome with emotion and runs down the stairs, hoping to meet Ji Wan as she exited the elevator. But alas, their current fate was not to be:

Scene 2: DIY Kang Jin

By chance, Kang Jin visits Ji Wan’s room in the Cafe and notices its small and damp surroundings. Being the perfect engineer (something I appreciate ALOT), he reconstructs her room blueprint in an engineering drawing and sets off to optimise her room, lol!

I have to say that Ko Soo’s eyes are amazingly expressive – specimens 1 and 2 below:

From watching Ko Soo in Yashimanman (dated back to 2004), no wonder that was his ‘special skill’ used on the show. When Kang Ho Dong asked him to represent Yashimanman with a stare, his intense look made everyone squeal (including male guests/hosts). He’s definitely not just a pretty face as an actor, and carries the role of Kang Jin very comfortably.

Scene 3: The Nice Guy!

Don’t have any caps for this scene, but essentially Kang Jin was being a typical nice guy to Woo Jung – driving her to work even though there was the “awkward encounter” from the day before, buying her medicine for her hangover and giving her tips on her potential client presentation, which ended in success due to his advice. The question is, who wouldn’t fall for him?!

Woo Jung, having uncontrollable nude tendencies, thus sets her sights on Kang Jin, to partially follow up her own perked interested and as vengeance to Park Tae Jun (who is Kang Jin’s rival in the company).

Scene 4: The Connection, the Realisation

Ji Wan loses the pendant when she suddenly realises she had medicine class, and posts up notices around the bus stop where she lost it. Thus the connection is made when Kang Jin passes by, stops, then reads the sign that perfectly describes his very own pendant, which he thought he would never see again. [Minor spoiler: in the preview, it seems KJ updated the posters with computer-generated graphics, much superior than JW’s rough sketches, such a typical engineer lol]

Thus the questions begin: How did she come to have the pendant? If so, then she must care for it/him enough to keep searching for it? Will she return it to him? ,etc.

Once again, moving eye expressions from both of our leads in the Episode 6 Preview (captions are not from the preview but of my own creation):

Thinking: "Can't... Look... Away..."

"Don't you realise that I've pinned for you for 8 years already? I'm hot and available!"


2 thoughts on “Will It Snow For Christmas – Episode 5 Highlights [Sub/Translation]

  1. Yes, isn’t it great that dramabeans is also recapping this series?

    I think between the two of you, I’ll be able to enjoy my WISFC fix.

    Thanks a lot.

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