Will It Snow For Christmas – Episode 4 [Completed]

The blog is now being re-activated, finally after a long hiatus! We will start off with korean drama recaps, which will be updated regularly. I’m still new a t drama recaps, so please forgive any mistakes and I’ll strive my best and welcome any comments for improvement or random sharing of drama-y love.

The Current K-dramas I’m following: Smile, You/Will It Snow For Christmas/Hero/Wife Returns/Love You Ten Million Times – some of these are seriously underrated, but seriously good!

Since Smile, You is wonderfully recapped by the team at Dramabeans.com, I will focus on the other series, the regular series to be recapped are: Will It Snow For Christmas/Love You Ten Million Times, unless there are  other requests. In addition, screen caps are much needed for the reviews, but I’ll do with whatever I can get for the benefit of all readers. All credit to Soompi and DCinside users for some images used in the following recap.

Now without further ado, we begin the recap at episode 4 of WISFC, where the juicy action is about to unfold:

Cue from Episode 3: The Awkward Apartment Moment

The 3 main protagonists:Female Lead – Kang Ji Wan, Male Lead – Cha Kang Jin, 2nd Male Lead – Park Tae Jun

Tae Jun calmly leads Ji Wan out of Kang In’s aparment, much to her dismay that he didn’t even show a flicker of annoyance. So much so that she starts munching on expired food.

Ji Wan: “Looks like I’ve kept causing trouble for you. Let’s have a drink sometime.” Is that all you can say? “I’m already here, why are you sending her to the hospital, jerk? You arrogant, disrepectful person.” Tell him to not overdo it, don’t overdo his ego. Show your fist. Why didn’t you say something like that?

… and the Ji Wan rant continues, with her anger over his lack-of-anger at her being in a strange man’s apartment. Man, I think we are going to get used to the long k-drama rants pretty soon with this series. Stating that she forgot her words for the engagement party and will contact Tae Jun when she remembers, Ji Wan storms out of the apartment with heroine-like passion, only to find…

That she left in two different shoes!

This was quickly spotted by the observant Kan Jin, who continues to ask if Ji Wan had a fight with Tae Jun. Ji Wan retaliates by asking how many girls he has brought home before her and when he became a player. Partially to mess with Ji Wan and to keep up the facade of being strangers, Kan Jin asks if she was even curious about how she ended up in a strange man’s bed, and proceeds to ‘seduce’ her, until she suddenly asks: “Don’t you know who I am? You really don’t, don’t know who I am?” Just as the two may actually confront eachother’s identity (and the big reveal), Ji Wan retracts and says that she is the fiancee of his work colleague and he should not be inappropriate. *Frustration*

After leaving the apartment, Ji Wan agonises over her conversations with the two men, and possibly her somewhat unique shoe fashion statement. Then the pinnacle of all fairy tales (mainly Cinderella in this case) shows up: Kang Jin as the knight in shining armor with … a matching pair of shoes! Thus flashback to the shoe incident in her youth that make her realise when she first started liking Kang Jin. Once KJ reaches his company, he also manages to tick off a very picky, spoilt Woo Jung, since he disregards her wealth and position completely. On a side note, the comic relief provided by KJ’s Colleague is highly amusing as he switches between Banmal (informal language) and formal speak with Woo Jung in their conversation, depending on their ‘Friend’ or ‘Boss/Worker’ mode.

Even under the threat of being fired by WJ, KJ proves to be a highly valuable employee by successfully perking the interests of the Chinese negotiation team, who returns to the company for further details on the project, as KJ (strategically) left out one piece of the construction blueprint. TJ is left out in the cold as the Chinese hand-pick KJ as their preferred Korean project representative. However, TJ is still sly enough to use his Chinese skills to appoint himself to provide blueprint drawings, but is obviously displaced from his previous position as the Project Team Leader by KJ.

I’m not a big follower of the parents background story, but the summary of TJ’s mother and JW’s father in ep 4 is that she visits his surgery often to give him food in return for a medical consultation, however he has turned her down in every instance. This prompts her to almost jump over the roof, over to be sent to another hospital by him, which sparks off emotions she hasn’t felt for 30 years.

Meanwhile, Woo Jung’s rendezvous with Tae Jun at their “love nest” goes awry as he admits he no longer loves her, in very harsh terms:

Tae Jun: (looking at her wrist bandages) Don’t do this any more.

Woo Jung: Fine, I won’t do it anymore.

TJ: Even if you really died next time, I won’t be returning.

WJ: What do you mean?

TJ: It’s enough now. We’ve done enough. … You’ve already done enough, even giving up your life for someone like me. … I accepted your father’s money. As a price for leaving you, I accepted it a long time ago. I’ve received a large amount of money; it’s still not over even though I’ve already spent it all.

… WJ: If you leave like this, I will die.

TJ: Whatever you like.

But he is obviously heavily affected by this final separation, and proceeds to the favorite past-time of emotionally hurt k-drama leads: Food Cart! Similarly, WJ proceeds to get plastered at a night club. It is interesting as there is a slight resemblance to “Memories of Bali”  since we as the audience can only guess that TJ was heavily in love with WJ once upon a time, but separated due to his self-respect at the company and WJ’s family pressure. However we may also guess that he did so for WJ’s benefit, as her life depends on having wealth and power – which could all be striped away if they remained together.

As a result of taking on the extra Chinese-Korean project, Kang Jin works late and needs Woo Jung’s signature within 2 hours to avoid contractual impingement with a US firm. KJ finally finds WJ out all the possible clubs in Seoul (not a minor feat for sure), and can only resort to carrying her out of the club. Even though he sees WJ’s vulnerability for the first time, she then suggests that he should stay with her for the rest of the night – she won’t fire him and she will pay him as well. But the cool KJ we all know and love replies, “Seo team leader will be here soon. If you’re looking for a man, he should be your best pick. I believe he already has your number.” … Ouch. Not exactly the best day of her life?

Once again, I like how the k-drama trinket symbolism of the pendant and hairpin connects Ji Wan and Kang Jin nicely. It also embodies the hidden identity that each one is holding from the other, even though we as the audience already know the truth that they have realized the other’s true identity.

A very drunk TJ visits the cafe, which bothers JW from her studies. She complains that he should pay for his alcohol/soju money accumulated over the years, go find Woo Jung and to stop disturbing her. Hurt, TJ leaves his credit card and heads out onto the busy road. Ji Wan chases after him, and steps out in front of an oncoming car…

… and Kang Jin grabs her in a breath-taking embrace.

Kang Jin carries Tae Jun back home, and notices that Ji Wan’s hand was injured in the process:

Kang Jin: You’ve been called an idiot many times right? You must’ve heard others calling you useless, stupid and dumb many times, right? Do you think doing this will make Park team leader come to your side? Can you make him stay by giving your life?

Ji Wan: I will secure him, no matter what. Giving my life and being a beggar are all ok, as long as I can secure him I will do so.

… Kang Jin: What is this friend’s mother like? What is Park Tae Jun’s mother like?

.. Which touches a nerve in as in the past, Ji Wan rejected KJ as her mother disregarded KJ’s mother and his social class.

The next morning, JW passes by KJ’s apartment and sees newspaper and milk delivered outside his door. *Flashback Time – JW rejecting KJ’s eggs and milk* She remembers the scene and guiltily drops the milk when KJ returns from his morning workout. She turns to leave when Kang Jin grabs her…

Kang Jin: Do you really not know me? Han Ji Wan, do you really not know me?

—>Episode 5 Preview!


Hope you enjoyed the recap! This episode continued the fast-pacing of character and plot developments, which I enjoyed immensely. The drama is doing a good job of hooking new audiences, which is evident in the increasing ratings over the past weeks. The only inconsistency I find confusing is the change in Kang Jin’s character – he seems to possess 3 at the moment: Stoic childhood personality, Carefree/Playboy adult personality and the occasional Serious/Passionate outbursts. I think Han Ye Seul’s character was more consistent with her youth, which may just be a result of their circumstances.

Overall, definitely a highly rated drama on my list for 2009, and looking forward to next week!


3 thoughts on “Will It Snow For Christmas – Episode 4 [Completed]

  1. Thank you so much for your well-written detailed summary. I just started on this drama, and it’s so good. I’m glad I didn’t skip over it!

  2. I am so happy that I have found your blog on WISFC. So far, I haven’t been able to watch episodes 3 and 4 with english subs so I’ve been in the dark as to what the heck they’re saying.

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