Will It Snow For Christmas – Episode 5 Preview [Sub/Translation]

Thanks to Korewind on youtube for posting up the episode 5 preview.

Translation as follows [major spoilers, click link to find out after the jump]:

Kang Jin: In this dark and stuffy room, I will open a window

Ji Wan: Please get out now! Who allowed you to intrude into someone else’s home?

Tae Jun: Do you have other ideas regarding Ji Wan? Please don’t appear next to her anymore.

Kang Jin: No way.

Kang Jin’s Mum: Our Pusan (Kang Jin’s half brother) has been wrongfully accused, can you please help to prove his alibi?

Ji Wan’s Mum: I didn’t see Pusan, I didn’t even see his face.

Woo Jung: (to Kang Jin) Can I ask, do you have a girlfriend? I’m into Kang Team Leader!

Tae Jun: (to Ji Wan) I have no where else to go, I can only come to you. So please don’t keep asking me to leave.

(Ji Wan loses the pendant)

Ji Wan: What do I do?

Kang Jin: I saw it falling into the water, I thought I was never going to find it again, how come it was with Ji Wan?

Omo, things are heating up for sure! I love how this drama moves at such a fast pace, with characters already realising eachother’s identity. Kang Jin is certainly handsome and talented… just slightly concerned about his potentially illegal breaking and entering of houses… >_<  But nevertheless, yay for the battle between alpha/beta male has started: Kang Jin v.s. Tae Jun!

On a side note, Ji Wan’s mum is really getting on my nerves. She seems like she’s well-educated and from a good family but is also verging on sociopathic for me at the moment. Not only does she disregard her own daughter, but she intentionally wants to ruin the Kang Jin’s mum’s life. Definitely someone to watch with potential for a mental ward.

Also, I wonder if the symbolism of the milk and pendant is sure to spark off another new trend in Korea? Am sure resourceful netizens will track down the pendant in no time.

6 thoughts on “Will It Snow For Christmas – Episode 5 Preview [Sub/Translation]

  1. O.o WJ’s trying to make a pass on KJ ??

    TJ’s become a lost puppy.. &
    KJ now knows JW ‘has’ his pendant .. (*.*)
    I look so much to more of ‘WISFC ?’ & this love battle

    I think MILK symbolises ‘ emotional nourishment ‘ / ‘support’

    YES ~ thanx so much ! Keep up the good work !
    With regards, puppyiz

  2. thank you so much Yooruu,I love KJ in his strong personallity.
    Wondering who ‘ s his father actually.
    Keep up this good work, I will come again.

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  4. Thanks for the comments! I will try my best to provide weekly doses of k-drama goodies! 🙂

    @ puppyiz: I really like your milk analogy, which is absolutely true. It seems that KJ is still the assertive one providing support and nourishment to JW, who continues to reject the offer.

    @ Petra: I also wonder about KJ’s father, but I wonder if he’s still alive since he gave KJ the pendant, which means he actually cares about his son in comparison to Pusan’s father. So if he’s still alive, why not meet up with his son?

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