IRIS Ends… with a whimper?

IRIS Episode 20 Finale [Season 1]

Stuck in my Head: The Next Dawn (下一个天亮) – Guo Jing (郭静)

Download (Megaupload): The Next Dawn – Guo Jing

Picture Perfect?

The internet is now abuzz with fan’s responses to the finale of the immensely popular TV series, IRIS. The show managed to break the 37% ratings target, and was wrapped with controversy, especially regarding the main lead Lee Byung Heon. I have to say that I was not too shocked when I saw the ending, as the producers are aiming for a lead into IRIS – Season 2.

Warning: Major Ending SPOILERS ahead. Enter at your own peril.
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Will It Snow For Christmas – Episode 6 [Summary]

Phew, so many WISFC updates today! I thought I might try a running summary while watching the show, for those who can’t wait to get spoilers for this excellent show! Post is now complete – I’ve just realised my blog is turning into a WISFC blog :O Will update other content when I have time later~ Please anticipate 🙂


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Will It Snow For Christmas – Episode 4 [Completed]

The blog is now being re-activated, finally after a long hiatus! We will start off with korean drama recaps, which will be updated regularly. I’m still new a t drama recaps, so please forgive any mistakes and I’ll strive my best and welcome any comments for improvement or random sharing of drama-y love.

The Current K-dramas I’m following: Smile, You/Will It Snow For Christmas/Hero/Wife Returns/Love You Ten Million Times – some of these are seriously underrated, but seriously good!

Since Smile, You is wonderfully recapped by the team at, I will focus on the other series, the regular series to be recapped are: Will It Snow For Christmas/Love You Ten Million Times, unless there are  other requests. In addition, screen caps are much needed for the reviews, but I’ll do with whatever I can get for the benefit of all readers. All credit to Soompi and DCinside users for some images used in the following recap.

Now without further ado, we begin the recap at episode 4 of WISFC, where the juicy action is about to unfold:

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