Love Match Marriage Ep 7 Preview

Hyun Soo and Kang Hyun: Reaching You...

Older Man: The cancer has moved onto the lungs, do you have any intentions of getting back together with Hwa Yeong?

Kang Hyun’s Friend 1: His ex-wife is a food stylist, won’t you be compared to her?

Kang Hyun’s Friend 2: You’re in charge of a 4 million won (approx 400,000 USD) project, does everyone at work know about this?

Doctor: (to Hyun Soo) You used more effort than her, right?

Kang Hyun: I didn’t know that you were hurting more than me, I’m sorry

Hyun Soo: Towards Miss Kang Hyun, what are my feelings?

Kang Hyun: The reason I’m telling Mr Attorney the truth is because it seems that I have started to like you.

… finally some forward romantic action! can’t wait!

Translated by londony @


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