Beethoven Virus: Episode 2 [Translations]

So many happenings this episode: dogs taking sleeping pills (wow the angst!), the start of the ‘opera killer’ moves, and my increasing dislike for the supposely distinguished maestro Kim Gun Woo.

Breakdown of the episode (all screencaps credit to Luv@Soompi):

The Dog Angst

... and he's still EVIL

... and he's still EVIL

In a dramatic (yet somehow comical) twisty design of the episode, Old Kim Gun Woo (as he now shall be referred as) panics after discovering his dog (named “Beethoven” or “Thoven”) ingested sleeping pills and is on the verge of death – he remembers days with his past girlfriend in Japan and how Beethoven became his sole companion through the years. …this is the only part of the show so far where I’ve felt he was actually a bit more human than usual…

But five seconds later after agreeing to conduct for the amateur orchestra (Ru Mi and Young Kim Gun Woo rescued Beethoven), he denies ever making the agreement. (What a nice guy…NOT) But he finally agrees after somehow roping Young KGW into doing all the housework for him – a very tense atmosphere indeed, and Ru Mi looks a bit pathetic being caught in the middle!

The Opera Killer

... who's the poohead now?

... who's the real poohead?

My dislike accumulates for Old KGW especially with the scene where he criticises the weaker members of the orchestra VERY HARSHLY (… and I mean ripping-your-soul-out kind of harshness).

He makes the Cellist “ahjumma” also known as Jun Hee Yun cry with the following gist:

“You don’t want to be called ‘Ahjumma’ and be referred to by your real name ‘Jun Hee Yun’ – but what qualification do you have to earn that right, ahjumma? Did you think you were great because you graduated from music school 20 years ago?

Do you know what the most appropriate name for you is? Not pain in the neck, rock in the shoe, obstacle, but… poohead (or more rudely: piece of shit).”

… so yes, feel the love… =.=;;;

The Romance

The best scene in this episode is the funny and sweet interaction between the youthful couple Du Ru Mi (Lee Ji A) and younger Kim Gun Woo (Jang Geun Suk), which I have translated:

Need a hand there?

Need a hand there?

*While Young KGW is doing all the housechores for Old KGW*

Ru Mi: Are you doing this all to help me?

Young KGW: You are still older than me anyways, it’s me who’s doing too much.

Ru Mi: Didn’t you say I didn’t have any charisma?

The house is lent (to older KGW), the car is borrowed, and you’re helping out…

Young KGW: Ya, if you’re bored, then help me cut all this grass (btw he’s cutting grass on the law with a sickle-looking blade by hand!)

Ru Mi: (in cute voice) Why are you helping me like this? I’m starting to like you a bit!

Why are you helping me? Why? (continues in cute voice) Why?

Young KGW: Ya! (watch out!)

*Ru Mi Starts water-spraying Young KGW, but falls into wash tub*

Ru Mi: Good, I was about to wash my shirt anyways! It’s so dirty!

Don’t look like that! So comfortable!

*Young KGW pulls Ru Mi up, ending in…*

...the comfortable yet awkward hug

...the comfortable yet awkward hug (so cute!)

Translated by yooruu @ (please credit)

Hope you enjoyed reading! 🙂


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