Translation: Love Match Scenes

I love this drama to bits so I’ve translated some of the longer conversation scenes between Kang Hyun and Hyun Soo (with screencaps of course)

... got baggage?

... got baggage?

Don’t know why they look so serious there but the most cheerful rooftop scene involves Hyun Soo lending Kang Hyun his slippers because her boots got a bit soggy in the pond:

*After Receiving Slippers*

Kang Hyun: Wah! So Comfortable! Thanks so much!

Hyun Soo: Those shoes are slippery, be careful -…

*Ka Hyun Slips*

*… and the smile that can easily break a few hearts*

*flashes winning smile*

The most appropriate description: *flashes winning smile*

HS: Oh, what, Jo** (random name)

In the office? Oh understood, I’ll be right down.

Kang Hyun (talking to herself): So annoying, the atmosphere last night was pretty good.

So what? It’s not like I’ll like a divorced man.


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