Korean Drama: Love Match Marriage … [Hotness is not a crime]

One of the highlights of the drama (out of personal bias) is Kim Ji Hoon *melts in hotness*:

One of the cutest dramas that I’m now a bit obsessive about! Here is the summary from Soompi (with a little  help from me in regards to grammar):

What would happen if a couple manager and a divorce lawyer fall in love? A caouple manager’s task is connecting peoples’ love, and a divorce lawyer’s job is detaching people’s relationships. Nevertheless, the two jobs share the same conclusion; it’s love. Ganghyeon is a ‘couple manager’. She manages peoples’ arranged marriages, but dreams about her love marriage. She is fired from work for a marriage fraud, and starts to work as a remarriage couple manager. Unmarried woman, who failed in love, enters into the world of remarriage. Hyeonsu is a ‘divorce lawyer’. He married through the arranged marriage, and got divorced. He’s got the wounded heart about the divorce, and doesn’t know what true love is. Ironically, he needs to help those who have the same pain and trouble that he has.

I keep checking Dramabeans‘ summaries for any updates on this series (since my Korean is still half-polished) but I shall be posting later on this blog on my fav scenes from this series as this is simply the best romantic series in a while – very non-cheesy and very light-hearted, perfect after a busy day at work or of studying. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Korean Drama: Love Match Marriage … [Hotness is not a crime]

  1. love this comedy …so far this is the best..at first i dont want to watch coz i’m not familiar with the characters but when i started watching it i cant help but to finish it in one day…i salute to the lead characters and to the writer and director of this korean romance/comedy… ‘really worth to watch..

  2. I started watching this drama. I coudn’t get the first episode to work. The episodes sponcered by dolynation?sp? simply don’t work! The second and third eppisodes worked and I love this drama! Fourth eppisode no. Dolymation again. Same with Six . seven and nine.I have gone crazy searching for this drama free on line with English subs to no avail. Does anybody have a good suggestion? Thanks!

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