Thoughts: We Got Married Becoming Blah…

It’s one of my utmost favourite shows, but somehow I think the Cheoseuk special with the new THREE couples will greatly degrade the quailty of the show…


But still good luck to the four existing couples we’ve grown to love and hope that they date eachother in real life soon (or maybe already) kekeke 😛


3 thoughts on “Thoughts: We Got Married Becoming Blah…

  1. hi londony.. we miss you. Anbi fans are really depressed and some in the state of shock. Like what you said, the ending might really be a new beginning. This might be a blessing in disguise. WITH OR WITHOUT WGM , WE WILL SUPPORT ANBI!!!!!!

  2. hiya londony.. have been quite a while since i last saw your updates abt WGM…N yes all the ANBI/ANSOL fans are in shock & saddened to learn that they’ll be leaving the show… they have received much love/affection/attention while on the show.. I think when their final episode will be aired at the end of the month.. much tears will flow. I think Andy & Solbi will be feeling sad too.. nevertheless wishing them much success in their current & future works..N even without WGM we will still support them.. Will miss them lots!!! Saranghae ANBI!! N hopefully they will be together after the show?? who knows.. oh noo it’s also Solbi’s b’day at the end of the month!! :s

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