Love Match Marriage – Ep 8 Chi Sub

I have uploaded the Love Match Marriage Episode 8 scenes with Chinese Subtitles! Credit to original subbers and translators (good on ya)!

London Face Youtube Channel

My favourite scenes so far in the series 🙂 esp the Confession Scene with Kang Hyun and Hyun Soo! *squee!*

Part 1 – Funny toilet scene and Beginning of Realisation

Part 2 – Confession!? – proceed to video

Part 3 – Beginning of Love proceed to video

Love Match Marriage Ep 7 Preview

Hyun Soo and Kang Hyun: Reaching You...

Older Man: The cancer has moved onto the lungs, do you have any intentions of getting back together with Hwa Yeong?

Kang Hyun’s Friend 1: His ex-wife is a food stylist, won’t you be compared to her?

Kang Hyun’s Friend 2: You’re in charge of a 4 million won (approx 400,000 USD) project, does everyone at work know about this?

Doctor: (to Hyun Soo) You used more effort than her, right?

Kang Hyun: I didn’t know that you were hurting more than me, I’m sorry

Hyun Soo: Towards Miss Kang Hyun, what are my feelings?

Kang Hyun: The reason I’m telling Mr Attorney the truth is because it seems that I have started to like you.

… finally some forward romantic action! can’t wait!

Translated by londony @

Beethoven Virus: Episode 2 [Translations]

So many happenings this episode: dogs taking sleeping pills (wow the angst!), the start of the ‘opera killer’ moves, and my increasing dislike for the supposely distinguished maestro Kim Gun Woo.

Breakdown of the episode (all screencaps credit to Luv@Soompi):

The Dog Angst

... and he's still EVIL

... and he's still EVIL

In a dramatic (yet somehow comical) twisty design of the episode, Old Kim Gun Woo (as he now shall be referred as) panics after discovering his dog (named “Beethoven” or “Thoven”) ingested sleeping pills and is on the verge of death – he remembers days with his past girlfriend in Japan and how Beethoven became his sole companion through the years. …this is the only part of the show so far where I’ve felt he was actually a bit more human than usual…

But five seconds later after agreeing to conduct for the amateur orchestra (Ru Mi and Young Kim Gun Woo rescued Beethoven), he denies ever making the agreement. (What a nice guy…NOT) But he finally agrees after somehow roping Young KGW into doing all the housework for him – a very tense atmosphere indeed, and Ru Mi looks a bit pathetic being caught in the middle!

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K-Drama: Beethoven Virus (…and boys in the rain)


I’m yooruu and I’ll be bumming around posting on tasty Korean dramas on this shared blog for moi and moi buds who are passionate about k-culture and k-dramas in general.

I am half-Korean and from the land of Oz and will be mainly working with londony (who has been posting so far) to bring you more exciting updates!! woohoo!

So far I haven’t found any good comprehensive summary sites on the new drama “Beethoven Virus” so for your interest I shall introduce and then post up the summaries later for each episode 🙂

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Translation: Love Match Scenes

I love this drama to bits so I’ve translated some of the longer conversation scenes between Kang Hyun and Hyun Soo (with screencaps of course)

... got baggage?

... got baggage?

Don’t know why they look so serious there but the most cheerful rooftop scene involves Hyun Soo lending Kang Hyun his slippers because her boots got a bit soggy in the pond:

*After Receiving Slippers*

Kang Hyun: Wah! So Comfortable! Thanks so much!

Hyun Soo: Those shoes are slippery, be careful -…

*Ka Hyun Slips*

*… and the smile that can easily break a few hearts*

*flashes winning smile*

The most appropriate description: *flashes winning smile*

HS: Oh, what, Jo** (random name)

In the office? Oh understood, I’ll be right down.

Kang Hyun (talking to herself): So annoying, the atmosphere last night was pretty good.

So what? It’s not like I’ll like a divorced man.